Committee List

2017 – 2018 Committees


Committee Chair(s) Contact Information Phone
Advocacy Amy Grutzik 410.442.8090
After School Enrichment Neerja Kathuria 314.835.7484
Beautification  Amy Grutzik  410.442.8090
Box Tops Julie Bennett  443.668.7418
Bylaws Committee Kathy Baur  410.905.8365
Community Outreach Liaison Kathy Baur   410.905.8365

Family Fun

Alicyn Hodges  410.489.5996
Kristin Dargis
Fifth Grade Memories Book Dana Keiner 443.562.0262
Fifth Grade Memories T-shirt & Picnic Terri Fenlon

Gift of Thanks

Chris Vee 443.629.3744
Lisa Cumberland 443.277.8122
Margaret Ottenritter 410.442.51089


Chris Vee  443.629.3744


Penny Jones
Hina Naseem 410.340.6658
Kathy Baur 410.905.8365
Reflections Penny Jones
Restaurant Nights Jennifer Lowther
Julia Pistorio juliepistorio
School Assemblies Ashley Royle  410.952.0259
Science Fair/STEM Day Lauren Watts

Silent Auction

Ashley Royle (venue planning)  410.952.0259
 (auction donations)  [open]
Spirit Wear Melissa Bonier
Spring Festival [open]
Staff Appreciation [open]
Third Party Vendor Fundraiser Dana Keiner
Web Editor/Tech Team Chris Vee
Welcoming / Hospitality Lisa Cumberland 443.277.8122
Wellness / Fitness Kendra Albert
(Support for Tiger Trot & Field Day)
  • Advocacy
    • Advocate for WFES
    • Keep tabs on county wide policies that affect WFES
    • Educate families regarding county and district policies and news
    • Invite local officials to promote a community base for community issues
  • After School Enrichment
    • Find and organize after school activities for WFES families
  • Artist in Residence
    • Apply for grants to cover costs
    • Find appropriate artists and coordinate with school administration
  • 90th Celebration
  • By-Laws Committee – Supports the review and modification of PTA by-laws on bi-annual basis
  • Special Event Fundraiser – This committee runs one of WFES’s largest fundraisers. It is responsible for:
    • Reserving the event location
    • Determining food menu and refreshments
    • Publicizing and selling tickets
    • Planning and organizing baskets
    • Soliciting for silent auction items
    • Sending thank you’s to sponsors
  • Box Tops – This committee runs three Box Tops races throughout the year. For each race, it does the following:
    • Keeps a tally of tops received
    • Publicizes the races
    • Coordinates prizes for the winning grade
    • Refreshes collection boxes in classrooms
    • Develops and manages committee budget
  • Community Outreach – 
    • Coordinates volunteer activities and charitable collections throughout the year
    • Works with staff and students on service projects
    • Publicizes events and projects
  • Family Fun
    • Plans and hosts restaurant nights
    • Coordinates skating party, including waiver forms
    • Sponsors and coordinates dances and movie nights
    • Publicizes events
    • Develops and manages committee budget
  • Spring Festival
  • Spririt Wear
  • 5th Grade Memories
    • Works with 5th grade students, families and teachers to create memory books, t-shirt designs, and year end picnic
    • May coordinate fundraiser specifically for 5th grade
    • Adheres to the budget
  • Gift of Thanks – This committee organizes the twice annual program to collect gift cards for school staff.
    • Plans and publicizes Gift of Thanks program twice a year
    • Collects the order forms from teachers
    • Distributes cards to staff
  • Membership/Directory
    • Conducts the membership drive for families and staff
    • Collects dues and delivers them to the Treasurer
    • Creates and distributes the membership directory
    • Distributes membership cards
  • Nominating – 
    • Actively seeks volunteers for various PTA roles and responsibilities
    • Works with Executive Committee on filling PTA positions
    • Nominates candidates for elections to officer positions on the Executive Committee
  • Reflections
    • Advertises reflections program
    • Collects submissions
    • Follows established Howard County guidelines
  • Restaurant Nights – Organize 3 to 4 restaurant nights as fundraisers for the PTA.
    • Identify potential restaurant partners
    • Secure date for restaurant night
    • Publicize and distribute flyers
    • Collect restaurant donation
    • Provide donation to Treasurer
  • School Assemblies
    • Works with the Administration to identify and schedule assemblies
    • Applies for grants and funding
    • Works with Science Fair committee to coordinate timing of Science Center assembly
    • Develops and manages committee budget
  • STEM Day 
    • Coordinates STEM day activities
    • Recruits presenters from the community
    • collaborates with staff and classroom content
    • Develops and manages committee budget
  • Science Fair
    • Establishes and organizes Science Club
    • Works with School Assemblies Committee to determine timeline for Science Center assembly
    • Develops and manages committee budget
  • Staff Appreciation
    • Provides meals for staff throughout the year (roughly 6)
    • Hosts American Education Week refreshments for staff
    • Collaborates with Hospitality Committee for various activities
    • Develops and manages committee budget
  • Third Party Vendor Fundraiser
    • Plans and organizes sales
    • Advertises program
    • Submits funds to Treasurer
  • Tech Team
    • Maintains website
    • Provides technical resources to other committees
  • Welcoming/Hospitality
    • Hosts meals and refreshments for guests at certain PTA and school events
    • Writes welcome letters/emails to new families to WFES
    • Sets up a welcoming table
    • Provides services to staff and new families
    • Invites families to Spring Festival that have already registered for the next school year
    • Develops and manages committee budget
  • Wellness/Fitness
    • Coordinates walking Wednesdays
    • Coordinates Tiger Trot
    • Volunteer and Supply Coordinator for Field Day
    • Provides support for Jump Rope for Heart
    • Provides support Punt Pass and Kick program (when applicable)
    • Participates in county wellness meetings
    • Coordinates food allergy group at WFES
    • Participates in discussions for room party regulations
    • Publicizes events
    • Develops and manages committee budget