2017 – 2018 Committees


Committee Chair(s) Contact Information Phone
Advocacy Amy Grutzik  agrutzik@gmail.com 410.442.8090
After School Enrichment Neerja Kathuria neerja.s.kathuria@gmail.com 314.835.7484
Beautification  Amy Grutzik  agrutzik@gmail.com  410.442.8090
Box Tops Julie Bennett  juliebennett@verizon.net  443.668.7418
Bylaws Committee Kathy Baur kdbaur@gmail.com  410.905.8365
Community Outreach Liaison Kathy Baur  kdbaur@gmail.com   410.905.8365

Family Fun

Alicyn Hodges asampsonhodges@gmail.com  410.489.5996
Kristin Dargis
Fifth Grade Memories Book Kara Williams karamichellewilliams@yahoo.com 443.756.3067
Fifth Grade Memories T-shirt & Picnic Terri Fenlon terrifenlon@yahoo.com

Gift of Thanks

Chris Vee chris@veeber.com 443.629.3744
Lisa Cumberland lisa@vikingcustomhomes.com 443.277.8122
Margaret Ottenritter maggietrp@aol.com 410.442.51089
Kendra Albert jalbert2276@yahoo.com 443.838.8672


Chris Vee chris@veeber.com  443.629.3744


Penny Jones Penny_Jones@hcpss.org
Hina Naseem hnaseem@mac.com 410.340.6658
Kathy Baur  kdbaur@gmail.com 410.905.8365
Reflections Penny Jones Penny_Jones@hcpss.org
Restaurant Nights Jennifer Lowther jlowther4@gmail.com
Julia Pistorio juliepistorio @yahoo.com
School Assemblies Ashley Royle ashleyroyle@yahoo.com  410.952.0259
Science Fair/STEM Day Lauren Watts lauren_watts@hcpss.org

Silent Auction

Ashley Royle (venue planning)  ashleyroyle@yahoo.com  410.952.0259
 (auction donations)  [open]
Spirit Wear Melissa Bonier melissabonier@gmail.com
Spring Festival Melissa Bonier melissabonier@gmail.com
Staff Appreciation Joanna Ramos-Romero jromasromero@clubztutoring.com 443.682.4629
Third Party Vendor Fundraiser
Web Editor/Tech Team Chris Vee chris@veeber.com
Welcoming / Hospitality
Wellness / Fitness Kendra Albert jalbert2276@yahoo.com.
(Support for Tiger Trot & Field Day)
  • Advocacy
    • Advocate for WFES
    • Keep tabs on county wide policies that affect WFES
    • Educate families regarding county and district policies and news
    • Invite local officials to promote a community base for community issues
  • After School Enrichment
    • Find and organize after school activities for WFES families
  • Artist in Residence
    • Apply for grants to cover costs
    • Find appropriate artists and coordinate with school administration
  • 90th Celebration
  • By-Laws Committee – Supports the review and modification of PTA by-laws on bi-annual basis
  • Special Event Fundraiser – This committee runs one of WFES’s largest fundraisers. It is responsible for:
    • Reserving the event location
    • Determining food menu and refreshments
    • Publicizing and selling tickets
    • Planning and organizing baskets
    • Soliciting for silent auction items
    • Sending thank you’s to sponsors
  • Box Tops – This committee runs three Box Tops races throughout the year. For each race, it does the following:
    • Keeps a tally of tops received
    • Publicizes the races
    • Coordinates prizes for the winning grade
    • Refreshes collection boxes in classrooms
    • Develops and manages committee budget
  • Community Outreach – 
    • Coordinates volunteer activities and charitable collections throughout the year
    • Works with staff and students on service projects
    • Publicizes events and projects
  • Family Fun
    • Plans and hosts restaurant nights
    • Coordinates skating party, including waiver forms
    • Sponsors and coordinates dances and movie nights
    • Publicizes events
    • Develops and manages committee budget
  • Spring Festival
  • Spririt Wear
  • 5th Grade Memories
    • Works with 5th grade students, families and teachers to create memory books, t-shirt designs, and year end picnic
    • May coordinate fundraiser specifically for 5th grade
    • Adheres to the budget
  • Gift of Thanks – This committee organizes the twice annual program to collect gift cards for school staff.
    • Plans and publicizes Gift of Thanks program twice a year
    • Collects the order forms from teachers
    • Distributes cards to staff
  • Membership/Directory
    • Conducts the membership drive for families and staff
    • Collects dues and delivers them to the Treasurer
    • Creates and distributes the membership directory
    • Distributes membership cards
  • Nominating – 
    • Actively seeks volunteers for various PTA roles and responsibilities
    • Works with Executive Committee on filling PTA positions
    • Nominates candidates for elections to officer positions on the Executive Committee
  • Reflections
    • Advertises reflections program
    • Collects submissions
    • Follows established Howard County guidelines
  • Restaurant Nights – Organize 3 to 4 restaurant nights as fundraisers for the PTA.
    • Identify potential restaurant partners
    • Secure date for restaurant night
    • Publicize and distribute flyers
    • Collect restaurant donation
    • Provide donation to Treasurer
  • School Assemblies
    • Works with the Administration to identify and schedule assemblies
    • Applies for grants and funding
    • Works with Science Fair committee to coordinate timing of Science Center assembly
    • Develops and manages committee budget
  • STEM Day 
    • Coordinates STEM day activities
    • Recruits presenters from the community
    • collaborates with staff and classroom content
    • Develops and manages committee budget
  • Science Fair
    • Establishes and organizes Science Club
    • Works with School Assemblies Committee to determine timeline for Science Center assembly
    • Develops and manages committee budget
  • Staff Appreciation
    • Provides meals for staff throughout the year (roughly 6)
    • Hosts American Education Week refreshments for staff
    • Collaborates with Hospitality Committee for various activities
    • Develops and manages committee budget
  • Third Party Vendor Fundraiser
    • Plans and organizes sales
    • Advertises program
    • Submits funds to Treasurer
  • Tech Team
    • Maintains website
    • Provides technical resources to other committees
  • Welcoming/Hospitality
    • Hosts meals and refreshments for guests at certain PTA and school events
    • Writes welcome letters/emails to new families to WFES
    • Sets up a welcoming table
    • Provides services to staff and new families
    • Invites families to Spring Festival that have already registered for the next school year
    • Develops and manages committee budget
  • Wellness/Fitness
    • Coordinates walking Wednesdays
    • Coordinates Tiger Trot
    • Volunteer and Supply Coordinator for Field Day
    • Provides support for Jump Rope for Heart
    • Provides support Punt Pass and Kick program (when applicable)
    • Participates in county wellness meetings
    • Coordinates food allergy group at WFES
    • Participates in discussions for room party regulations
    • Publicizes events
    • Develops and manages committee budget